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Occupational Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

Occupational Therapy enables performance in activities and social participation through occupation. The goal of Occupational Therapy is to help children develop the skills necessary to gain independence with their activities. Typical activities for children include taking part in playing, learning, interacting with others, and self care. Our Occupational therapists work with children to facilitate development of fine motor, neuromotor, visual motor, and sensory motor skills and to assist them in their day to day functions. At Atlantic Speech Therapy, we work with the child, family, adults, and environment to improve, create, and/or restore the ability to take part in activities that are meaningful to him or her.

Our State Licensed and Master’s Trained therapists provide therapy and treatment for developmental delays with fine motor, visual motor, or self care skills; orthopedic injuries or impairments; autism/pervasive developmental disorders; and sensory processing disorders.

Down Syndrome

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